Changes to the website (work in progress):

  • Sep 2015          The Danish patent authorities confirmed the patentability of the DOCA patent claims and innovative technology

  • Feb 2015          The DOCA sensor patent was filed with the Danish patent authorities

  • Feb. 2015         The team successfully demonstrated the prototype DOCA sensor at the final meeting at REA.

  • Jan. 2015          The DOCA sensor was successfully tested on the industrial type facility at PAJ.



  • Dec. 2014         The software team completed the graphical user interface and the packaging of the electronics was completed

  • Nov. 2014          Sensitivity and linearity of the sensor head was confirmed at the Dutch Metrology institute VSL using certified gas mixtures

  • Nov. 2014          The software team is making great progress – signals are now recorded onto the FPGA platform, and initial data processing is being implemented.

  • Oct. 2014          Focus is now on finalizing the electronics and improvements are made daily.

  • Mar. 2014         The DOCA sensor head is now in the final stages and has successfully been demonstrated to have sensitivity below the ppb level for simple oils.